Additional Speaker Information

Dear CWSS-SCM speakers,
We would like to communicate additional information about the meeting. We are still organizing the schedule. Like many organizations, this is our first experience organizing an online meeting. As we already specified, you will have to pre-record your presentation as the schedule only provides live question periods. Attendees are expected to have watched your video before the question period on the agenda. As a speaker, you will have to be available for a zoom meeting at the time indicated on the schedule. Your presentation will be available online one week before the meeting dates and after the meeting for at least one month. After one month your presentation (hosted on YouTube but unreferenced so inaccessible without the direct link) will be deleted or kept available indefinitely (at your discretion). If you have any questions please feel free to send us a e-mail or ask for an online meeting with the conference organizers.

Click here for the meeting schedule

Click here for instructions on how to create and upload PowerPoint slides for this meeting