2020 Graduate Student Presentation Guidelines

The format for this year’s Graduate Student session is outlined below.

1. The schedule for the annual meeting is located here: https://www.weedscience.ca/schedule/. The graduate student session is currently scheduled for Tuesday November 24th from 1:15-4:00pm EST.

2. Students will be asked to pre-record their presentations. Please take note of important deadlines here: https://www.weedscience.ca/important-deadlines/. The instructions on how to pre-record your presentation are also on the CWSS-SCM website: https://www.weedscience.ca/powerpoint-instructions/. Please keep your presentation to 12 min max. It doesn’t have to be 12 min to the second but bear in mind that a portion of the evaluation relates to timing.

3. As with every year, the graduate student presentations will be judged and an award for the best presentation will be awarded. The scoring sheet is located on page 71 of our society MOP: https://www.weedscience.ca/manual-of-operating-procedures/.

4. The time slot on the 24th of November will be used for questions from the audience (assuming everyone has already viewed the presentations). The format on the 24th will roughly look like this: There are 15 student presentation and we have 2hrs and 45min in our session. So a total of 10 min per student with a bit of time built in for transitions between students. Each student will provide a brief summary of the main points of their presentation (1 min)
You will be moderated if you run long, so please prepare and practice your summary ahead of time. There will be 6-8min for moderated questions